Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Right now the highs in Rachel, Nevada are between 88 and 95 degrees

Humidity is presently 45% which is actually pretty high for the deserts of Nevada so you know it's monsoon season in the deserts in California, Arizona and Nevada. Since it isn't presently over 100 degrees mostly what you would need to worry about would be dry washes where monsoon rains might come rushing towards you from any clouds dropping rain within 25 to 50 miles there in the desert. The problem is likely most people coming there for Area 51 aren't familiar with desert survival techniques and might not bring enough water or food or sunscreen because the deserts are often very bright. So, bring sunglasses too to protect your eyes.

But, if you enter Area 51 illegally just expect to disappear and no one will ever see you again because this is a military designated area that has been top secret since at least World War II and those laws are likely still on the books regarding this site where they could legally shoot trespassers on sight just like during World War II. Nothing much in some ways has changed regarding this site and the way it is protected much since before World War II.

But, most young people going to this site on a lark might not realize that they are going to be shot or detained possibly for life without trial or parole ever granted.

The other thing most people might not know is that this site was abandoned a few years ago because too many people were dying there that were workers flown in every day that lived in Las Vegas nearby on their own private likely 737 size jet that I have seen pictures of over the years. But, right now, I don't think there is anyone left there, UFOs or workers.  But there likely still are Air Force special military police ready to shoot or incarcerate for life any trespassers.

There are two new Area 51 areas that are in Utah and Colorado and likely other places as well since then. So, going there to Area 51 is mostly about not being informed really about any of this.

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