Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Humans and animals have a zero time point but other life forms do not

For example, interestingly enough angels and Rock and earth life forms and angels do not have a zero time point unless they wish to in that moment.

What does this mean? It means if an angel comes to you he or she knows what is likely going to happen in your future even if you do not. So, if they tell you something often it is to save your life in that moment. In other words often they are just trying to keep you alive so you don't die through ignorance of being a zero time point human being.

When I first learned about the "Rock People" that Charlie Thom (a Karuk Medicine man spoke about) I was confused one day near Big Sur when I was traveling there around 1985 likely. I was depressed because I had moved away to the SF Bay area from Mt. Shasta and bought a business with my wife and was unhappy living with so many people around me once again and I missed my happy country life in the snow in the winter skiing and hiking in the mountains  and swimming in beautiful alpine mountain lakes in the summer and I felt like jumping off a cliff into the ocean and ending my life in the transition. But, the rock people started talking to me(they never had before) and said I should stay alive and raise my children because this was just another transition in my life like many many before. I realized they were right but this is a very different kind of experience than I had ever had before.

Later, I returned to Mt. Shasta and a Sweat Lodge with many people with Charlie Thom and I asked him about the rock people. He told me that his tribe had believed in the rock people for thousands of years already and that they brought the "Rock People" into the sweat lodge after they heat them up on a fire outside and they poured water over the rock people to create the "Womb of Mother Earth" for all who enter to be reborn in that Sauna like experience guided by a medicine man or medicine woman.

So, this began my ongoing evolutionary experience with the Rock people. Over time I realized that the Rock people were also built by the rock people and humans into planes, cars, motorcycles and various tools people build with the rock people's help.

So, whenever I flew in a plane I asked the Rock people of the plane if the plane would crash and I found they could always tell me.

Looking back on this I had a sort of "Funny from my point of view" experience I would like to recount. My youngest daughter was about 3 then so this likely was in 1999. I asked the plane we were boarding in Palm Springs after visiting my father in law at his 80th Birthday party at Thunderbird Golf Club there along with my wife and youngest daughter. So, the plane told me that it wouldn't crash but that the flight would be very rough but no one would die or be physically seriously injured. I said it was okay as long as everyone survived and boarded the plane with my family knowing it was going to get very rough. I looked at my 3 year old daughter who could be a great flier or not and hoped it wouldn't scare her too much. It turned out this flight only made her love roller coasters as she got older which is why this is all pretty funny to me now.

As we began to land at San Jose Airport on our direct flight from Palm Springs being a pilot I looked out the window as I was seated on a window seat on the right side of the plane and saw a plane on our right wing. If you are a pilot you know this isn't a good thing if an emergency occurs because you have less places to go in an emergency. I told the man across the aisle I didn't like a plane being on our right wing. He said, "Look out the left window. There's a plane on our left wing too." AT this point I was worried because a plane on both wings is really really dangerous in an emergency. Then all of a sudden the plane flew straight up with the nose directly heading towards the sky. This is about the worst thing a passenger plane can do by the way because you have only a really short time before you stall the wings and fall out of the sky when you do this. So, people were screaming and throwing up all over the plane. My wife asked me because I'm a precognitive intuitive whether we were going to crash and I said to her, "I asked the plane and it said it would be rough but we won't crash." She held my hand tightly and believed me. And my little daughter was going: "Whoopie! Whoopie! Whoopie! which made some people who weren't screaming or throwing up laugh because of the innocence of babes.

Soon we returned to normal flight and landed at San Jose Airport and we were all fine except for people that might never fly in a plane again after that experience. And my daughter stayed joyful having the best ride of her life.

So, as you can see only my wife and I knew for sure our plane wasn't going to crash and that it was only going to get rough for a short while because I had asked the plane and it had told me what would actually happen.

By God's Grace

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