Tuesday, July 30, 2019

My point of view regarding Eggs

To me, it isn't eggs that is the problem but the type of eggs you are buying. For example, we ONLY buy cage free organically grown eggs because then the hens are healthy, eating organic foods and not held inside of cages where diseases are more prevalent. So, from my point of view I like to eat Scrambled eggs simply because it is a good source of protein now that I have become a Lacto ovo vegetarian once again which means I don't eat meat or fish any more. Since I was raised this way until I was 32 years of age this is a pretty easy thing to do for me.

I found myself at age 71 not feeling well and thinking I might die this year and then I realized it would be effortless for me to just stop eating ANY meat or fish. Within a week I was a completely new man feeling like I might make it another 20 or 30 years immediately and it left me wondering why I hadn't thought of doing this before now. And it likely will reduce my weight more easily, clean my arteries (when I was 50 I had the cleanest arteries anyone had ever seen at Stanford Medical that was 50 years old by the way). But, this mostly was just because I hadn't eat ANY meat or fish at all from birth to 30 (tasted a couple of things that that's all).

But, the biggest problem of being a vegetarian is you need to take Sublingual (under the tongue) B-12 because a friend of mine has pernicious anemia from being a vegetarian since birth as well and he never has eaten any meat at all and is now in his 60s.

So, like I said the problem isn't eggs per say but how they are raised and what they are fed (the chickens). So, the problem then becomes "Can you afford healthy cage free eggs?" And to me this is the only real problem regarding eggs in the end. Because they are an excellent source of protein without killing anything to get it. Eggs are like a woman's period in a way in what you are eating and you aren't killing anything but still getting protein from a good source as long as the chickens are organically fed and they are free range chickens.

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