Wednesday, July 31, 2019

The only person who was EVER able to create Medical Care for all was Obama

And we have seen how Trump and his people tried with everything they had to destroy all this. Why?

Why did they try to destroy Obamacare? Because they want the poor and middle Class to die without health care because the rich Republicans don't ever want to have to pay for any of it.

But, it has always been this way. Senator Edward Kennedy and President Kennedy both tried and failed to create "healthcare for all from about 1960 and before. So, when Sanders and Warren talk about Medi-care for all I know it's financially impossible for that to ever happen. However, strengthening Obamacare and bringing it back as much as possible IS possible given all present variables.

But, the elephant in the room is not healthcare for all but instead will Trump be re-elected and turn America and the world more into a Dictatorship? This is the real question. Questions about medicare for all I think are completely ridiculous given what we are actually dealing with worldwide with global Warming right now.

It's sort of like having a conversation about Medicare for all while the bus we are all riding in while talking about all this plows into a semi truck and everyone dies while talking about Medicare for all.

This is the real seriousness of what we actually face as a nation and as a world.

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