Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Only through Being and compassion can you learn what it is to be a human being

There is an old Asian Saying which is: "The way that can be thought of or spoken of is not the true path or the true way."

I agree with this statement. Why?

Because when people tell you what it is to be a human being they always have some kind of vested interest in telling you this other than your best interests. It isn't that they are against you, it is about necessity usually if they are your parents or teachers in life. So, you cannot help but be suspicious of their motives and intentions regarding the true meaning or meanings of life because of this.

It's not that they necessarily want to harm you or misguide you it is about expediency more than anything else.

Or "The hurrier I go the behinder I get."

So, it is only through having time just to be and be left alone in the wilderness that we actually find ourselves and our true nature and who we really are as human beings.

Otherwise, we can only be reactionary to the people around us which is not who we really are at core.

For example, I might wake up depressed from being inside a house all night but as soon as I walk out into my back yard and look at the roses and the pine trees and my strawberry plants and my comfrey plants I start to get real with myself and beyond any "Cave dwelling" psychology from humans building and living in "Above ground caves called houses". Only when I'm outside with nature do I experience who I really am beyond all conditioning as a human being.

And in these moments I find peace in being a human being in being able to experience true nature, the sky with clouds going by, the birds chirping and flying by and even a dragonfly exploring my back yard.

So, conditioning of all sorts that we receive in life to learn to read and to write or to be soldiers or to be children in school, or to be business owners or doctors or lawyers or whatever are not helping you really learn to be a human being but only conditioning you into a role in life which might be good or bad for you and likely will be both.

It is only by exploring our interactions with nature and ourselves that we discover who we really are beyond all roles that we play. Who are we? What are we doing here? What is it to be a human being beyond all culture?

In discovering this we discover a way to feel peace for a whole lifetime.

By God's Grace

Note: As I write this I'm outside watching a hummingbird drink nectar from all the flowers while robins look for worms in the lawn here in Santa Barbara in the back yard looking at the view from on top of a hill in my backyard.

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