Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Does writing about the future change the Future?


Why is this?

Because if you already know the future when you write or speak of it or even act regarding what you know this also changes the future to a different future on whatever timeline you are on presently.

I think  String being wound around the ball in regard to space time is a good example of this. When you speak about time it is as if you moved the string as it touches the ball as it is being wound around the ball of space time just a little bit. Just like with trajectories of a spaceship or car if you move something even 1 degree away from the direction it is presently going and let it do that ongoing it can be a very very big difference in the long run down the line.

Because of this I often only write about things I think need changing for the better. For example, if I see really good things coming I don't usually write about these things for fear that they will not happen if I write about the good things coming. It is better to let good things happen and say nothing because if you write about the good things coming they might not happen either.

It's sort of like relationships. If you let them be they sometimes work. There is a saying in garages that you used to see a lot when having your car worked on: "If it ain't broke don't fix it".

What this means is if something is working don't break it trying to fix something that is already okay.

But, if you see a wheel coming off or smoke coming out of the engine because the engine is on fire you need to fix that or at the very least get out of the car before you die too. I see the future a lot like this whether on a moment my moment basis or regarding whole timelines.

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