Thursday, January 30, 2020

I think this is an attempt at creating a One World Government through the use of a Pandemic


Because it is very logical to do something like this.

For example, you wouldn't want to create a one world government with a war because the nukes could come out and you would destroy most infrastructure on earth.

So, logically how would you create a One World Government. The perfect choice would be to form this one world government under the guise of a World Wide Pandemic. The Chaos of something like this might take out 300 million people from the virus alone but in Third world nations you are going to have starvation too where they are less financially able to cope with all this.

So, it is the perfect choice of a way to set up a One World Government under the guise of a genetically designed Virus that was designed by those groups wanting to start a One World Government.

Why would people want a One world government?

Because they don't want a nuclear war between governments that destroys all life on earth.

However, a one world government would take away ALL HUMAN RIGHTS also.

So, understanding that this would be really really bad for everyone now living in a Democracy especially worldwide (if not fatal).

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