Friday, January 31, 2020

Requiring Cell towers to operate during power outages isn't practical

Though I suppose it might be possible if you had Solar arrays there next to each and every Microwave cell tower for transmitting Cell phone signals, and if you had automatic Diesel powered generators, it is more likely that the solar panels and diesel powered automatic generators would be stolen in remote places and just disappear without any human there to guard them.So, because of this it just isn't realistic to do this unless you hire someone to be there at that tower 24 hours a day. Then you have another problem which is it is Not safe to be that close to a microwave tower ongoing within say one block or more without significant health problems resulting.

So, I suppose you could install someone within 1/2 mile of that tower below the transmission directions but even then that doesn't seem cost effective to me at all even with fires putting out power transmission all across northern California like they did this last year.

So, forcing any power company to keep cell towers working during power outages isn't really feasible economically speaking any way you look at it. It isn't practical.

So, yes, it is dangerous to have cell towers not working because cell phones cannot work (at least in that area (sending or receiving). However, it isn't realistic to force power companies to do this either.
So, until cell transmissions are satellite based we might not see reliable cell phone transmissions especially during fires or bad weather all over the country and world.

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