Thursday, January 30, 2020


I just walked out of my bedroom where my wife was reading and I was blogging and saw the silhouette of our Blue Merle Corgi puppy with Blue eyes staring back at me from the kitchen. But, since she is still too young for both her ears to pop up like a Corgi all the time, usually one ear is up and one ear is down. But, for the first time she put both ears up to hear me and I had to laugh because in that moment we have our our "Baby Yoda" with Yoda ears in the kitchen staring at me.

If you are not a puppy or dog person please forgive all this but smiles are wonderful if you are raising the right puppy for your family like we are now.

These moments are very necessary because we have two friends in the hospital right now and our housekeepers ex just had to have heart stints put in so every "Baby Yoda" experience right now is very helpful to us to just keep our heads above water in these times.

By God's Grace

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