Friday, December 23, 2011

a 100 ton Monster Missile named Satan from Russia

Moscow, eyeing U.S. missile defense plans, announces work on ...

I was thinking after reading this article why they would need a 100 ton missile. Also, I was confused as to whether the missile itself weighs 100 tons or if it is a 100 megaton missile payload. Because, if you have a 100 ton missile you might have a 500 or 1000 megaton payload. So, I found this kind of confusing. 

Also, what does one do with a missile this large? You might conceivably blow away the crust of the earth where you blew it up and then you might have some really serious volcanic and water interaction that could conceivable start blowing off pieces of the earth there from explosive steam caused when a lot of water meets lava. 

The other use for something like this would be to send it up about 100 miles above the nation you wanted to attack and set it off. What this would do would depend upon the nuclear payload. But, for example, if you wanted to end the use of anything electrical in say, Europe or the U.S. or China, you would set something like this off above the area and what would happen would be that everything electrical would never work again. And beyond that anyone who was within 6 to 12 feet of anything metal in that area would die. It is sort of like an extreme form of static from a wool rug at maybe 100,000 times the voltage off of anything metal in an area the size of Europe, the U.S. or the area around Beijing, China if it was the size of Europe or the U.S. mainland. So, the only people in that area that would survive might be walking away from anything metal like on a beach on a desert trail or mountain trail away from anything metal.

Most people who are born after the 1970s don't know about facts like these unless they are or have been in the military and taught about this kind of stuff. However, I was one of the kids taught to "duck and cover" under our school desks during the 1950s and 1960s. So, the joke then was among grade school boys, "Bend over and kiss your ass goodbye". So even though people today don't take these things seriously, I grew up believing that I and everyone I knew would one day die in a nuclear holocaust. So at age 14 I read Alas, Babylon which scared the hell out of me. However, the story is still relevant today of how people would survive in the U.S. after a nuclear attack. 

January 5th 2012: I wrote the following story after I wrote this starting on Christmas Eve. I found myself writing this until 3 am Christmas Morning. I thought it was very strange at the time and considered deleting it all but then intuitively got that it was important somehow to publish it online to prevent the eventual outcome of what I was writing about. So, I left it knowing as an intuitive that when you write  and publish what you see that is bad you prevent that bad outcome and change it to something else.  Some of the people that read what you write will pray about it and thereby help to create a different outcome and some will dedicate their lives to stopping this kind of story from coming true. Both types of decisions are useful ones. So, here is what I have written so far in "Death Metal":Death Metal: An Apocalyptic Story 

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