Thursday, December 29, 2011

I don't want to Blog on Facebook

The first reason I don't want to blog on Facebook is that anything you (or your children) put on Facebook,  Facebook reserves the right to own (into eternity). So, it is very probably that the stupidest thing that you ever wrote at (and then deleted) will show up some day to haunt you, your children, your grandchildren or your great grandchildren.(Because Facebook doesn't recognize your right to delete anything). The second reason I don't want to blog on Facebook is that I like relative anonymity that I can get here at my present blog site. By being only intutivefred888 unless I write that I live on the California coast which I often do I have pretty much anonymity to say whatever I wish(within reason) without worrying about causing any kind of harm to myself or my family in the short or long term. And since anyone can see that my motives are to mentor humanity into a better life in any way that I can as an elder (63 year old) of the human race, most people see that my motives here at this site are pure.

So, even though I might be able to reach more people that I know if I put this on Facebook, then I would have to deal with all the flack of relatives and friends who don't share my views on a variety of issues. So, instead anyone around the world ( is Google after all) when I go to my stats page I notice that even though my primary audience is in the U.S. , Alaska and Hawaii that I also have an audience throughout Europe, Canada, Russia, India and even places like  Brazil. So, wherever there are a lot of people who can read English I have an audience.

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