Monday, December 19, 2011

Another Mary Visitation

I just had a really interesting experience! I had just finished writing the previous article: Mary, the Mother of Jesus      

when I heard Mary say to me that I should look at images of her. So, I dutifully looked at Google Images and found the next article attached to this picture of her through Google images. I was very surprised by this as I was not raised a Catholic nor was this lady who Mary visited as well. I don't think being a Catholic or anything else really has anything to do at all with who Mary appears to. I think if I person is sincere and caring and grateful for the Grace given in their lives, almost anything good can happen at any time. begin quote from following website:

I am Always Going to be in Awe of Her and Her Love!

Mary, Mother of Jesus
Mary, Mother of Jesus

I awoke one night, startled because my whole bedroom was flooded with blue light. I then sensed a presence, standing next to my bed. I looked up at her, and when we looked into each other's eyes, I began receiving Her Love....And What Love It WAS!
I pinched myself, thinking I was dreaming. It hurt. I then began jabbing my husband with my right elbow, trying to awaken him, to no avail. She giggled then, and said it would do no good.
She was so very beautiful, but more than that, her soul was beautiful, and kind.  I was filled with such love, acceptance and peace. I will never forget the peace in Her presence. The blue light surrounding Her intensified and drew me in.
We spoke for what seemed ages- but was perhaps twenty minutes-I am not sure. She seemed to be speaking to my soul, and my soul seemed to be speaking back to Hers. I knew instantly that She was Mary, but I always called Her "My Blue Angel" because of the gorgeous color.that surrounded Her.
She gave me instructions.  I was to make a Rosary, and to learn to pray on it.
"But I am not Catholic," I said. She swept that objection away with Her hand. "It does not matter at all," she said. She told me something about wearing a "Miracle Medal"- I later discovered that she meant a Miraculous Mary Medallion. I have worn one ever since. She also seemed to instruct my soul in things that I cannot actually remember, but my soul seems to know, anyway. It was all very new to me.
The most profound effect of Her visit was the peace that permeated my soul.
It was so wonderful.
She finally was done speaking to me, and said it would be a long time before she saw me again. She said for me to remember that I had Her blessing, and to "be good". I stayed up the rest of the night, wondering at the visit, wondering about the Rosary I was supposed to make, and being in a state of wonder.
I had to go to the library and look for a book that contained a picture of a Rosary and how to pray on it. I broke up an old crystal necklace and made the Rosary, and learned the prayers. end quote.

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