Saturday, December 31, 2011

Carbon Nation

2011 Documentary worth seeing. I'm streaming this from Netflix on to my flatscreen in my living room as I write this. Humans are presently using 16 terrawatts worldwide which runs everything from cars to toasters worldwide. 1 terrawatt is 1 trillion watts. 100 watts powers a 100 watt lightbulb. an average American household consumes 28 kilowatts. a Gigawatt is a billion watts of power which is equal to what Seattle or San Francisco consume each as cities. 1000 Gigawatts is a Terrawatt. And as soon as possible the world needs all 16 Terrawatts that it presently consumes to come from clean sources that don't send up Hydrocarbons into the air to produce them. The world presently powers 2 Terrawatts by clean methods (wind and solar and other methods) of the 16 Terrawatts consumed worldwide at present.

86,000 Terrawatts hit the earth as solar power every day. 32 Terrawatts are pumping from Geothermal power. 870 Terrawatts of wind power are blowing around the world. At present the world only 16 Terrawatts to power everything for right now. end quotes from "Carbon Nation" documentary.

I quoted only a few facts from this documentary. The other one I would like to quote is that the Pentagon considers Global Climate Change and Global Warming a very serious national security threat because millions of people are going to be forced to migrate from where they now live because of rising sea levels and droughts and flooding and this likely will create food wars, unrest, and water shortages   and other problems difficult for any nations to manage worldwide.

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