Saturday, December 31, 2011

If you are born or made an Intuitive

If you are born or made through circumstance or illness an intuitive or precognitive psychic(someone who often knows the future before it happens), it can be a good or bad thing but usually at first it is both.
The biggest thing is to accept yourself in this state of being. Just wishing you were like other people isn't useful. Accepting that you have interesting abilities usually is the most useful and hopefully you have other members of your family that are also gifted. So, just blurting out to everyone, "I'm a precognitive psychic, or I'm an Intuitive usually isn't that useful when you are young. People are just mostly going to take it in a wrong or unuseful way.  So, learning to live with your gifts (surviving your gifts) is the first thing you have to do. You have to find an equilibrium that you can find in yourselves so that it is just another sense or senses on top of the basic five that almost everyone has in the first place. That you might better understand all animals and creatures on earth better than most is just something that you will have to accept and get used to. So, in the end this  is something likely that you will have to live with whether you want to or not the rest of your life. So freaking out because you are gifted in an intuitive or precognitive way isn't going to take you anywhere useful. Instead what is useful about it is you will be able to help yourself and others stay alive and not get maimed if you stay credible in all your actions. So, as long as people feel they can trust what you say, and that they can count on you to be level headed, you can begin to save lives and prevent harm in people's lives. And remember, "The life you save may be your own".

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