Sunday, December 18, 2011

Apple Software Update Hazards

Hazards in regard to Macbook Pro Laptops and other Apple computers.

It is important to consider plugging in your computer to AC through charging cord when downloading Apple software. The reason for this is that if you were at say 2% of charge and demanded to override it asking for you to plug it into AC it is possible that you could permanently destroy your system where it would never work again. Because as the software downloaded and the power went off it could permanently confuse the system in such a way it could never come up again.

Hazards in regarding Apple Software downloads to your Iphone through your apple computer.

If you  set your computer with the connecting cord between your computer to your Iphone for Syncing and downloading new software updates and someone closes your laptop at a bad time during your syncing and software updates, it could mess up the reloading of your programs back into your Iphone from the Apple computer to the point where ONLY a tech could fix it or no one at all could fix it (the Iphone).

However, if you don't download software updates to your apple computer or Iphone for about 2 years they both likely won't work anymore. So, software updates are necessary for both your Apple computer and Iphone to work properly, especially if you are on the internet at all.

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