Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Inky Cap Mushrooms

While a bunch of us were walking in the wilderness around 7 Lakes Basin we found two groups of Inky Cap Mushrooms. Here is what they look like:
When they are edible they look like to the left. When they are not edible any longer they look like someone put black ink on a mushroom and let it drain over it.

Here are some tips on Inky caps. First, if you see some of the left and some of the right then you likely have Inky Caps. Second, you have to eat them after washing them thoroughly within 24 hours after you pick them. Only pick the ones that look like on the left.

However, if you drink any alcohol within 3 days of consuming this type of mushroom you will die because of a chemical interaction that will occur in your body.

The stuff they make for alcoholics to cure them of alcoholism they distill from this mushroom. But, if you get as much in one mushroom while consuming alcohol within 3 days you will die.

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