Monday, January 8, 2018

Can you help mankind by starting a Blog at that goes worldwide everywhere Google Goes?

Possibly you can. If you are retired or have the extra time to devote to a worldwide blog you might be able to help people have better lives than they presently do by sharing the right information that they need to survive their lives and to keep their families alive through everything that comes in whatever country they are presently in. I added a Google Translate button to your right here as you read this now. However, just remember that Robotic Translations are generally around 60% to 70 percent accurate (although in the basic languages like English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and a few others it is more accurate than that average. It all depends upon how well the translators are designed from one language to another. And a part of this is whether the words are translated individually or through phrases or both.

When you have the time to think and to gather information on various subjects and to compile information for people and then share it with them you might be able to help them in their lives in various ways. Even though from my point of view it has been very crazy since Trump was inaugurated in various ways, still we have seen equal craziness here in the U.S. during and after 9-11, during and after the Cuban Missile Crisis and from JFK's assassination and the assassination of Bobby Kennedy, and Martin Luther King and during the Nixon Watergate debacle. We are in similar times of a Constitutional Crisis like when Nixon had to resign right now. And the world is suffering the loss of America's full attention to solve it's problems right now too. So, millions worldwide that wouldn't have died under Clinton or Bush or Obama worldwide are now dying under trump now because he doesn't seem to care what happens to the world only the U.S.

So, we live in extremely scary times for the survival of life on earth because of this.

So, blogging you will be able to help people of like mind as you to survive these times so less of them will die or commit suicide because you are writing your blog.

So, starting a blog, if it is properly written can save lives and redirect lives into better and better solutions for everyone worldwide.

By God's Grace

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