Friday, January 12, 2018

Right mindfulness or meditation?

I suppose it depends whether you see meditation as having your eyes closed or not, not asleep but also maybe not awake either.

For me, I meditate or am right mindful 24 hours a day.


I think it slowly evolved once I learned to soul travel. I learned that I was already everywhere.

There may be another way to express this that you might prefer but this was my experience.

At first when I soul traveled I believe I needed effort to be anywhere in Time and Space like one does with a physical body.

However, after about 10 years of soul traveling I discovered it doesn't take effort really it just takes focus.

I learned that I could be instantly anywhere and any when (that God agreed I could go).

So, the end result was I came to the notion that I must be already anywhere God wanted me to be able to go in Time and Space and outside time and Space.

At this point I realized the universe only appears to be physical but is not.

I realized that the whole universe ONLY exists in the mind of God.

Otherwise what I'm capable of shouldn't be possible.

Then I realized what my 24 hour meditation should actually be:

I am with God as the universe. We all are with God as the universe.

When I do this I am at peace 24 hours a day no matter what is happening in my life.

I might be doing almost anything externally and be anywhere on earth with my physical body but as long as I am in my core "Everywehre with God in Time and Space" I am at peace.

So, this became my meditation or "Right mindfulness" if you will 24 hours a day even in dreams now.

"I am Everywhere that God allows me to be in Time and Space"

And in my experience that is now everywhere I am at Peace inside and outside Time and Space.


Because if I died (my physical body) I would be perfectly okay being with God Everywhere.

If your body is the whole universe, the loss of your physical body on earth can be managed better.

So, especially if you are older than 40 or 50 you might consider my meditation.

The one thing I have learned you don't want to do over 40 is "Panic"

So, if you can find ways not to panic no matter what then you likely will live longer, won't you?

Because panic is only going to give you a heart attack or stroke or other health problems, won't it?

This is just logical by the way.

By God's Grace

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