Friday, January 12, 2018

Skiing for California so far (and Santa Fe)

I think some lifts opened up in November and December for awhile because the temperatures were low enough with enough precipitation. However, At least Mt. Shasta Ski Park where I ski a lot had to close because of the latest storm that took out Santa Barbara also came down as rain and melted a lot of the snow so Mt. Shasta Ski Park had to close. Also, when I check the Ski Park in Santa Fe, New Mexico I saw at that time they only had 22 inches of snow. Most places when you ski you want a base of at least 3 feet unless you never fall and only if you know where ever rock and branch and twig is then on your ski routes. It's sort of like Surfing in this way where you have to know hwere every rock and sand bar and reef is and it's depth exactly or you don't want to go surfing there unless you are a person with a death wish.

Also, I got a Season Pass for Skiing last summer for Mt. Shasta so that's the breaks at least so far and haven't had time to ski yet. My friends decided to drive up to Bunny Flats at around 7000 feet and skied the road which is closed up to Panther Meadows from Bunny but said they only had 2 or 3 inches of snow on the paved road to ski on but still had a wonderful time. They all had mountaineering Cross country skis with metal Edges which people use a lot on mt. Shasta above 5000 to 7000 feet in altitude on the mountain. Now days they are usually as wide as downhill skis just with different bindings so you can walk in them uphill, on the level or ski downhill with in most conditions. Some mountain climbers carry these skis to the top of the mountain and then ski down if the conditions aren't too icy or slushy.

However, I just checked Squaw Valley near Lake Tahoe and it is still open: - Squaw Valley Ski Resort - Family Friendly Resort‎
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