Saturday, March 17, 2018

Could Smoke and Haze worldwide reduce Temperatures?

Maybe. I'm not sure how this would work completely but it is possible that smoke and haze in addition to it causing 7 million deaths a year worldwide so far could also have a heat reducing factor too.

However, if it did this likely farms wouldn't bear as much food in that country so if people were too poor to buy food from other countries they all would starve (or many of them would) so even the smoke and haze (just like pyroclastic Glass from Iceland) caused the French revolution in the 1790s from blotting out the sun to where food wouldn't grow in France because of the wind patterns bringing pyroclastic Glass particles from Iceland erupting volcanoes over France then. So, when the people of France were starving (the common people) and marie Antoinette said, "let them eat Cake" they just starting lopping off all the heads of the French Aristocrats including marie Antoinette and her Husband King Louis XVI.

So, could this happen again?

Possibly but today there are Iphones that most people have worldwide to research all this kind of stuff now. So, they aren't ignorant masses like they once were.

Like the now famous saying: "A child in Africa with an Iphone has more access to actual useful information than President Clinton did as president in the 1990s." Which is quite a statement in itself.

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