Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Crazy Wisdom is an aspect of Rugged Individualism

What people don't like about Trump is he is an obvious racist, misogynistic, molester of women. However, to many Americans there are worst things he could be (like a Serial killer, someone who shoots up schools or who drugs or molests little  children.

However, what makes a person like Trump?

It is caused by a trauma inducing experience (likely losing his older brother he idolized to Alcoholism) which likely created a personality disorder Called "Narcissistic Personality disorder" which is not curable or treatable by the way.

So, Trump is going to be like this (or a form of this for life) and no therapist can talk him out of this form of long term PTSD from life.

However, it manifests as a form of Crazy Wisdom (the wisdom beyond logic or intuitive wisdom or instinctual wisdom of trusting your own gut sort of like an animal does. But it works for humans too in different ways).

Or as some like to say "Trump is Crazy like a Fox!"

But, what I want to say here is all leaders who never telegraphed their moves from Demagogues to Dictators and then also on the other side of things like Jesus and Buddha and Lao Tzu also were crazy wisdom too.

They were all "RUGGED INDIVIDUALISTS" which competing leaders find exceedingly dangerous and unpredictable so many of these people on the good side or bad side are assassinated or "Rubbed out" because other leaders become upset with them.

I think this is the main reason why China and Japan are afraid of what Trump and Kim Jong Un are going to actually do when they meet.

Will They talk or just kill each other through their body guards?

We don't really know what will happen here.

However, Trump agreeing to meet Kim Jong Un could also be a form of Suicide for Trump because he is having a difficult time as president and likely his wife is drifting away from him from the Stormy Daniels Story that never seems to die but only get worse.

So, Trump is alone in a whole new way where even Jared and Ivanka might wind up in jail because he became president.

How AWFUL for a president to have to deal with that!

Makes one think that if Trump secretly wishes for death it sort of makes sense somehow at this point.

Maybe he wants to go out in a blazing flash of glory! Sort of like President Kennedy who also liked the ladies so much it likely cost him his life in the end. Trump is at a good age for choosing to die. Many people do from about 70 on when life just becomes to impossible to endure anymore at times.

Like my 90 year old Father in Law Said to me before he died, "Getting Old ain't for sissies!" He was an ensign in the Seabees in World War II and helped build the Tinian Airport and the Reykjavik, Iceland Airport and a few others.

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