Saturday, March 10, 2018

Home from Mt. Shasta

I woke up to frost all over the place in Mt. Shasta city this morning and realized I really didn't want to be on Interstate 5 until the temperatures were above 32 because below 32 when it rains makes icy roads. So, once it got above 32 to about 35 degrees I realized I probably was okay to drive on the Interstate 5 freeway south. I looked out on the veranda and the ice was still there from the rain turning into ice because the sun doesn't hit there.

I headed south and skipped breakfast because I didn't feel like eating right then and headed south to Redding and Red Bluff and bought some food in Red Bluff and then bought a my first tank of gas in Woodland. I also realized this time that if I fill up in Mt. Shasta (even though gas is more expensive there than elsewhere because it is remote) that I Only need to fill up my truck once in some place like Woodland which was an interesting discovery for me. Because not stopping for gas might make a quicker trip and more efficient trip. However, one does still have to make pit stops and to get food if you don't bring your own food along on the trip.

However, the Swiss side of me is always into efficiency still. The more efficient you are at whatever you are doing the more likely you can live longer and longer if it makes you happy to still be alive. My father taught me efficiency and this is a trait of my father and his brothers and his father too.

I looked around me when I was young and saw people not being efficient dying very young for all
sorts of reasons. So, one of the first things I applied efficiency to was "How do I live a happy life while enjoying being efficient at everything I do?" (This is a very Swiss way of looking at things by the way).

For example, my father being valedictorian of his senior class in High school would also be an exercise in efficiency as well.

My wife didn't understand the last statement so I will clarify: "He was valedictorian through extremely efficient use of his time."

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