Saturday, March 10, 2018

I realized something today about Time Travel

What I realized is it would be perfectly feasible to take a Time Traveling ship or saucer from the future, send it into the past underground either in a cave or just blast a hole in the ground and cover it up with dirt and rocks, allow it to record "ALL" of human civilization from 10,000 BC to 10,000 AD and then return it to whatever time or space it came from.

I also realized this has been done by literally thousands of civilizations.

How would they know where to put something like this?

By scanning using Artificial intelligence for ALL of human civilizations from 10,000 BC to 10,000 AD to know where people were going to dig for anything. And anywhere they didn't dig ever would be one of the locations where they could leave such a device for 20,000 years if they wanted to. Because with the right kind of artificial intelligence and metals on the surface of the ship it would be impermeable to danger as long as earthquakes didn't change the area too much during this time.

It would be possible to record literally everything that happened on earth during this 20,000 year period by doing this. You likely could record the experiences of every living being on earth for posterity for ANY civilization in this galaxy or another. You might even be able to record what each creature experienced during it's long or short life as well.

And then the ship traveling through time could go to any time past, present or future with all this information available for any purpose that civilization might want to use it for.

It makes more sense to put it under ground than to put it into an ocean. Putting a time space traveling vehicle in the ocean is primarily to avoid detection of present day or future earth civilizations. Even human beings on earth have now developed cloaking devices for cars and tanks so it appears they aren't really there. They do this with a series of video cameras which broadcast exactly what is on the far side of the vehicle so it looks like it isn't really there but it is.

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