Monday, March 12, 2018

I found it interesting that they only defined users as Desktop, mobile and Tablet in last article

Because in the past you would have broken "desktop" into Desktop and laptop instead of just Desktop, Mobile or Tablets which I find sort of confusing. But, as time goes on people will segment online devices I suppose in different ways. In the end nothing stays the same. Eventually, as devices become more and more micro they will be wearable like Rings or necklaces and in Sunglasses where the screen, microphone and earpiece is built into your Sun Glasses or bracelets. And then finally they will be nail polish or stick on  moles or eyelashes or hair pieces or just put on or in your body at various locations in various ways people want over the years.

For example, hearing aids were over the ear for years so people could see them. Then now for around $5000 or less you can now have invisible hearing aids that fit directly up into your ear canal of both ears. Spies used these to communicate with each other by wearing one only in one ear so they still had regular hearing on the other ear for safety wherever they were in the world. But now, anyone who can afford it can have invisible hearing canal hearing aids made custom made to fit up their individual ear canals. So, I expect this technology to be the next mobile phones.

Or, maybe a safer way would be to wear your mobile phone as a necklass, ring or in your pocket with the earpiece just relaying the microphone and sound from the call to your earpiece from your phone in another part of your body by way of Blue tooth.

In this way people wouldn't know you were on the phone or even "WHERE" your phone was unless you were talking and no one was there in person.

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