Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Rain on the skylight woke us up several times last night

It's been raining a lot since Monday which is very good for our area. Last Week, some areas got 8 feet of snow in the Sierras. But, it was very hit or miss regarding snow too from Yosemite National park North in the Sierras.

But, here in the greater SF Bay area the rain is fairly constant (50% of the time it has been either drizzling or outright raining) since  Monday now and it's Wednesday. So, we seem to be in a "STream of Storms" kind of scenario regarding Northern and to some degree southern California too.

Southern California tends to get more "Pineapple Express storms" whereas Northern California usually gets an equal number of Southern Pineapple Express storms from the vicinity of Hawaii mixed with the Northern Storms which come down from Alaska and points north off of the north pole. Though both bring rain to California, the Northern Storms are more important to us regarding snow pack which allows us to retain enough water in snow form so we still have water to drink in August through October when it might not rain at all during those months in Southern California (or sometimes Northern California at all. Hetch Hetchy is one of the main water supplies for San Francisco which is unfortunate because that valley that is dammed up now was as beautiful as Yosemite Valley was but they filled it with water for San Francisco instead of making it part of the national park.

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