Thursday, March 8, 2018

Regarding French translation of "The Comte De Saint Germain"

I have translated this in the past from the French version of Wikipedia but the problem then (which may or may not be corrected now is that the word "Il" in French means both "He" and "It". Because it has both meanings the English Translation from the French can be very confusing to read. So, I finally realized leaving in in French might be the best course (especially since I could no longer get Google Translate to translate something this lengthy.

One reason I put the French version here is that the Comte de Saint Germain is a historical Count who lived at the time of King Louis XV and King Louis XVI and might have even known King Louis XIV as well. So, he is a very interesting and enigmatic figure at the very least.

I was raised in the Saint Germain Foundation which believes he became an ascended Master in 1684 and then was a full master during the French Revolution as well and also was a teacher of Napoleon when he was trying to create the United States of Europe then but Napoleon (I was told) was not strong enough to pull this off because he was too distracted with various women.

Another interesting thing about Napoleon is that he had the "King's Disease" which both he and Alexander the Great had which was Epilepsy. When untreated like this it would allow him to be a great leader because he would be so telepathic with his troops from this condition like Alexander the Great was too. But, when he had seizures the soldiers had to protect him from view of the general public "Also like Alexander the Great".

Many people also think that Jesus was an Epileptic as well because this is a condition many Saints and Sages have had which made them "Exceptional" until they died of their condition often while young.

Epilepsy is caused by "Too much electricity in ones brain" so the brain causes seizures when the electrical overload could be fatal. It is a way for people not to die from "Too much electricity in their brains". However, seizures are a lot like Dying each time too. However, this overload of electricity causes epileptics (when not medicated) to be exceptionally gifted telepathically and in other ways too often. So, often it is a choice between being medicated (and sort of lobotomized from your abilities) or being fully amazing until you die quite young usually.

Most people don't survive to be 30 with epilepsy unless they use medications to dampen the electricity in their brains.

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