Thursday, March 8, 2018

The Skiing yesterday was the best this year!

Because there were a lot of patches in the snow with dirt and rocks visible, this scares a lot of skiers and snowboarders away. It definitely was NOT the kind of snow you want to fall down in. However, for more experienced skiers and snowboarders this was the best kind of snow, (especially the last run I did just before 4 pm yesterday. The snow was perfect. Not too deep so it wasn't hard to turn in. Not too icy because the temperature was in the 40s or 50s. Not too cold so it was pleasant to ride up on the ski lifts without freezing to death in the wind. So, turning was a dream without effort almost so as long as you looked ahead where brown dirt spots were or rocks were visible and watched for any weeds coming up through the snow so you didn't get off from hitting a weed or something or a rock or something (besides I was on rental skis) which was easier in all this too. But, now I've more than paid for my Season pass which I wasn't able to use until this week by being able to ski two days: Monday and Wednesday this week which is good. So, either way I have had the best skiing yesterday and I likely still will do some mountaineering skiing on the mountain or at Castle Lake during the next two days up here. If the snow comes down on the ski park I'll ski there again too!

It's All GOOD!

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