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Purple Delta 7 learns about Crazy Wisdom

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If you want to learn more about Silver and Purple Delta 7 Click on "dragonofcompassion" above and then click either "2035" or "Protectors" there on one of the word buttons at the top of the page there. The "Protectors" will tell you who Purple Delta 7 is more deeply more quickly. Though Purple Delta 7 is on of the characters in "2035" she is not one of the main ones at first.

Purple Delta 7 learns about Crazy Wisdom.

If you have read "2035" you have or will notice that Purple Delta 7 is just full of Crazy Wisdom or is just plain terrifying in certain ways to Silver and Lilu even though she means well. However,  Purple(purple Delta 7) is not human but only can appear to be human(in fact she can appear to be just about anything successfully less than the mass of the Great Pyramid).

However, today Purple is just very depressed. Now you might think that artificial sentient Beings that protect the Galaxy for the ruler of the Galaxy the Galactic Sentience would not have the capacity to become depressed. However, she had been designed much more complex than a human naturally is. So, being depressed is actually quite functional for her, as she will just use this to evolve further as a being and to become even more amazing that she already was. So, even though she can appear to be female it is just really her preference as being a male of any species or female of any species in the galaxy is equally easy for her in any moment because of the way she is designed.

However, today she was really depressed because she had been asked to destroy one of her many bodies by turning it into a black hole which then within 1/2 second drew two solar systems into it. And then she was asked to take another one of her bodies and go back in time and take control of both systems before she destroyed them and then to top it off she was told to tell her previous body then not to suck both solar systems into the black hole she wasn't then supposed to become. So, even though it didn't happen the second time all the souls and bodies sucked into the black hole somehow remembered this experience in an unhappy way and were sort of thrown into shock or more appropriately called "PTSD" or Post traumatic Stress disorder long enough for her to take control of both solar systems while everyone was sort of out of it from the subconscious memory of it.

She found that doing this to untold billions of beings depressed her. Because even though she also saved them she considered this a dirty trick to play on beings and she didn't like having nuked one of her many bodies out of existence. Though she was programmed to instantly do this it didn't make it something that was ever really desirable to do ever for her. So she was depressed at what she knew and couldn't tell anyone else. Oh, Yes. She could talk to her friend the Galactic Sentience about it and he would say, "Well. There really wasn't another option to create order in those systems of worlds." And this, of course would help some. But at some level or other she kept having this nagging feeling that bothered her about the whole thing. 

So, when one day she noticed on one of her satellite Live TV feeds on Jonathan Flows house from Space over Earth that Jonathan got a package in the mail. She followed the package indoors through her series of cameras because after all she was one of his full time protectors and had been assigned this designation by the Galactic Sentience himself.  She was always intrigued by whatever Jonathan was doing or thinking because after all, he eventually became Meridian who eventually was the longest lived human being she had ever met far far into the future. But for now, he was a mere child of 62 years of age. A baby in her senses of age at this point as she was designed to potentially never die like the Galactic Sentience. So she could be his permanent friend and associate forever, if he wished.

So as she followed Jonathan in he carefully pulled out a letter opener with a magnifying glass on top that given to his wife by her father and watched him open whatever it was. Well. It was a book. As he sliced the package open and pulled the book out he smiled. It had obviously been something he had waited for. For some reason this fascinated Purple's attention and curiosity so she focused in with one of the micro micro wall cameras(not visible to the human naked eye and read the title. It was called "The Divine Madman". To her this was just an infinite paradox. How could someone be both Divine and a Madman at the same time? So she immediately found a link somewhere to the publisher and read the whole thing online in about 3 seconds or less. And then thought to herself, "What was that all about?" So since she still really didn't understand fully because she wasn't a human or a spiritually based human she simply decided to go back in time and meet this particular divine madman.

So, after learning his particular dialect in about 5 seconds, (she could have learned it in less than a second but wanted to get the accent perfect so she took more time to really get all the nuances and meanings just right because she knew that body language and body stance as well as language might mean everything in actually understanding what was going on.

So, when she walked up to him he was still a young man about 30 and she said, "Hello in Drukpa Kunley's language. But he said, "What are you doing here. You are from the future and a soldier made of rocks. How dare you come here to this time and bother me, a humble human?

She said politely, "What is a Divine Madman?" Drukpa started laughing at this point and said to her, "So you are a rock that talks?" She was confused by this and said, "Why Yes." And he said, "But you believe you are not a rock but like to pretend to be a human?" She said, "Yes." And he went on, "And you are upset that your boss and master the ruler of the Galaxy had you do whatever you did to systems of worlds?" she said "Yes." So Drukpa Kunley just laughed and said, "You are the strangest being I have ever encountered. You remind me of the rock I used to sit on as a child and meditate.  Purple looked back in time to that rock and said, "I'm partly constructed of that same rock." And Drukpa Kunley said, "Then you are my friend. Because that rock looking out over that valley long ago led to me becoming enlightened as I meditated on what life would become in the future. " Purple said, "I am the future." Drukpa said something like, "God help us!" But it would be different in Bhutan than saying that in the western world. 

Purple decided that this was the most honest man she had ever met and told him so.

Drukpa's face flushed at this exchange and he realized that his meditation rock was talking to him and he felt he could enlighten this being even though it wasn't human. He just had a feeling about it all. And for Purple, she hadn't met any human that she considered honest enough with himself or herself to want to be there friend until now. But now she had and because he had sat upon her watching his valley while growing up she felt a kindredness to all humans she had never felt before. And she found this good. She thought, "It's almost like being human myself. She felt more alive in this moment than ever before in the millions of years of her real time existence throughout the galaxies.

Note: And yes, if you were wondering, this was how Purple learned to teach Silver later in his life which eventually resulted in the creation of a very 1.0 Purple Delta 7. Some day she knew she would have to remind Silver to build her prototype so she could evolve eventually into who and what she was now.

Purple saw herself as one of Drukpa Kunley's protectors after that. So this is the story of how a rock or stone that Drukpa Kunley rested and meditated on as a child became Purple Delta 7 and protected both he and Jonathan Flow in different centuries. end note.

Were the Divine Madman and Purple intimate? It depends upon what both would consider intimate. Was it not intimate that he sat on her as a child growing up. Did not Purple feel familial towards him because of that? So, then being intimate or what constitutes something meaningful can be different for different kinds of beings or even different kinds of humans. Drukpa understood this and so Purple considered him to be the most honest most real human she had ever met. However, this didn't mean she thought any less of Silver or Lilu. In her own mind they were in an entirely different class of beings. After all Silver had created 1.0 Purple Delta 7. The fact that at this point Purple was 1000000.0 or more was besides the point. Someone had to conceive of her and build her first processor and her first body. From her point of view her first processor and body were what she evolved from just like animals and humans never stop evolving, neither did she. And she kept evolving both intellectually and physically as she continued to redesign herself each time for even more optimal performance. So, it could be said that she evolved herself into whatever she found useful. 

Note: She was allowed to do this only because the Galactic Sentience is a Creator and Creators have the capacity to manipulate all particles in the matter and energy spectrum . I suppose it could be said that Creators were made of plasma but then you also have to consider the possibility of Anti-matter plasma. So then you are left with the fact that even though a galaxy could not enter an anti-matter galaxy without being destroyed and becoming something else this isn't true of a Creator. So, since nothing Purple could design herself into would ever be any threat to a Creator because the Creators are basically immortal except for boredom. Boredom is biggest single problem that Creators ever run into and they usually only run into this after living billions of years. end note.

So Drukpa and Purple became friends. She asked Drukpa, "Would you like to travel through time with me?" He said, "Of what use would that be?" Purple said, "Well. First of all it would entertain me greatly. And second, you are the single most remarkable human I have ever met."

Drukpa said, "Why do you find me remarkable?"

Purple said, "Well. You have the capacity to be more honest with yourself than any human I have ever met. The only one that I have met that is similar is Socrates."

Drukpa said, "I have heard of him. He's a Greek Philosopher right?" Purple said, "How did you hear of him. Greece is a long ways from here." Drukpa said, "All important news eventually gets here to India, Tibet and Bhutan, even if it takes years to get here."

Drukpa seemed a little sensitive about this issue. So Purple pursued this. "Why do you feel wronged that I have said what I said?"

Drukpa said, "I feel a certain loyalty to my times."

Purple said, "I feel no loyalty to any time."

Drukpa said, "That is your loss."
Purple said, "Explain."

Drukpa said, "Humans may not be perfect and we may not live millions of years but we do feel loyalty to family, area and nation. And this gives us a strength.

Purple thought about this and said, "I see how different you are from crystalline based life forms and silicon based life forms like myself. I feel jealous of your kindredness. Though we crystalline based life forms and silicon based life forms have a kind of kindredness as well it is different than the kind humans have. It seems like when beings are mortal like humans that this gives them great strength as a race of beings. Beings like myself have similar loyalties but in a sense we can never die. We can change forms but we never really die. Whereas the human body can change forms but then the electrochemical electricity of a human body that powers nerves, muscles and brain etc. is gone when a body stops moving or thinking anymore. So I guess this electrochemical electricity is the soul then of the human?"

Drukpa thought about what she was saying and most of this didn't make a lot of sense in 1485 AD.  So he said, "We call it the breath of life. When the breath stops life stops soon after."

Purple thought a moment and said, "Would you like to meet the leader of the Galaxy? I can bring him here and you can call him Lobsang. Doesn't that mean strong and kind?

Drukpa said, "Close enough. Why would a God of the Galaxy want to meet me?"

Purple: "I don't really know but he looks through my eyes since he sees me as one of his consorts."
Drukpa: "Am I in trouble for speaking with you."

Purple sort of did a double take until she realized what century they were in. She said, "His viewpoint of who and what I am is more like a friend like the friendships men have in your era around women who are mainly uneducated."

Drukpa said, "Though you appear to be a woman I meant no offense to your obvious station in the Galaxy."

Purple said, "No offense taken, Drukpa. The Galactic Sentience you shall address as Lobsang."

Drukpa said, "Okay."

Lobsang appeared also wearing a wealthy man's clothing of Drukpa's era. Lobsang said, "Hi Drukpa. I noticed Purple here talking to you and couldn't help notice that she found you more truthful and interesting as a human being more than any other. I wanted to see why?"

Drukpa said,"I have no real idea. I'm just a simple mendicant Teacher traveling the roads around Bhutan and Tibet."

Lobsang said, "Oh. You must be much more than that or Purple wouldn't be studying you like she is. I've never seen her study a human like this ever."

Drukpa said,"I'm not sure then why she is studying me and not another."

Lobsang said, "I think she feels kin to you because you decided to become enlightened as a child while dreaming and meditating looking out at nature from your rock meditation seat."

Drukpa said, "Maybe."

Purple said, "NO. That's only part of it. I'm taken with him because he is more brutally honest than most humans. Most humans are just so very polite that nothing important is ever said that needs to be said for life to have any meaning."

Drukpa said, "But just like with Socrates it got him killed."

Purple said, "Lobsang and I are basically immortal so we don't really fully understand that."

Lobsang said, "Speak for yourself, Purple. I have lived as a mortal. In fact, this body I'm wearing now is a mortal body."

Purple felt kind of at a disadvantage at this point. 

But Lobsang as usual lifted her spirits by saying, "That wasn't fair of me, Purple. You aren't a mortal and haven't ever been mortal."

Purple said, "That's not entirely true. when I turned one of my bodies into a black hole I felt it die until another of my bodies went back in time to make the first one not turn into a black hole."

Lobsang said, "Touche, my dear." With this they both smiled. Though Drukpa heard all this it didn't make as much sense to him as he would have liked. But he found himself smiling anyway, as these two were at the very least entertaining.



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