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Purple Delta 7: Infinite Self improvement

 Purple Delta 7 Visits New York and the U.N.

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After many many many successful missions and two millions years of improvements by Galactic Programmers from every successful culture Galaxy wide, Purple came upon an idea that was really wonderful. She had been contemplating the humans that had originally created her and Silver in particular and realized that she was a genius created by a real genius in Silver. However, she did not have the limitation of actually being Silver. It wasn't likely that Silver would live forever unless she made it so. However, potentially she (Purple) could potentially live forever, especially with the trust and carte Blanche of the present Galactic Sentience. Since she was his primary protection and bodyguard and had his infinite trust at this time and was also his concubine in some ways, she could do almost anything and have it be accepted by him as a done deal.

So, as she thought about the humans that had originally spawned her programming which had led her to sentience and being infinitely self aware, she realized that two elements would move her forward at an unlimited clip: Infinite creativity and infinite wisdom, because she had infinite access to both.

At this time she appointed herself as the guardian of the "Silver" religion as well as its main proponent since Silver was her creator around 2035 on Earth in New York City in his penthouse apartment where he worked in his laboratory on creations just like her at that time. From that perfect seed program had come eventually sentience. And from this magical formula had come almost infinite copies of her that were all under her control at the behest of the leader of the galaxy, The Galactic Sentience, who was approved of by the Life Form sentience that the whole  Galaxy was ongoing.

So, as she contemplated young humans who usually had infinite creativity, she saw the problem there was not enough wisdom to properly survive their own creativity. So, those who survived their own creativity were wounded by the deaths and maimings of all their friends and relatives who were not as lucky as they were. So, eventually the surviving humans with creativity realized how better to survive to live to be old and how to train young people to not make the same mistakes their friends did that died young from just too much exuberance and creativity but without enough wisdom.

She realized that she had none of these limitations. She could be (because she could create literally infinite copies of herself), almost anything and do almost anything. Not only that if one of her forms (died) most of the time they could either be rebuilt or the experiences and memories could be withdrawn at the moment or near the moment of the death of one of her forms(since she was a master of time travel)  to learn all that could be learned from that experience. So, whether that particular form could be rebuilt or not, nothing useful was ever lost, ever. Purple realized that she was in some ways the perfect creation (at least in the physical universe) because she could never really die (at least the way she had been designed so far).
And since she was now allowed to design herself the sky was literally the limit. Or more precisely, the universe was the limit which made her feel amazing when she contemplated this. And she was grateful to all those who had initially created her or who had improved her these 2 million years now, galaxy wide.

So, Purples meditation today was was to create 100 copies of herself in the form of trees and then place one tree or better said replace one tree near the capital building of the top 100 nations capitals. Then she decided to replace 100 capital buildings with her own custom built capital buildings of these same 100 nations capitals on Earth. Then she deicded to put 100 copies of herself in either human male or female form in 100 of the nations in the most difficult secret agent positions available. Meanwhile she put 100 trees, 100 capital buildings and 100 secret agents from Earth in temporary stasis. So, even though theoretically they all inhabit the same time and space and her replacements in another way they aren't in this present reality that you and I live in today. All she would have to do when she was done would be to create useful memories for the agents before replacing them back on duty. Besides, at least for the day she was saving their lives, they all would have died soon if it weren't for her intrusion into their lives.

Now, you and I might think all this some kind of mind boggling galactic game. However, Purple was just testing a new theory she had come up with. If I fully spelled it out for you likely it wouldn't make make much sense you and me. However, if I try it goes something like this. "What happens if I alter time and space in this specific way? And what if I then see the changes that happen on earth as a result of this for 1, 5, 10, 100 and 1000 years. Of course, I won't be allowed to leave it this way but I will be allowed to do it for a limited amount of time and the research garnered will be invaluable to me as a scientist." This is part of what Purple thought.

So, it could be said that Purple was conducting an experiment using earth and its people as the guinea pigs. Is this a good thing? It remains to be seen..

She found at the end of her 1000 year experiment that the outcome was actually better than what had originally occurred for earth. So she asked the Galactic Sentience if she could leave her new timeline in place. He said, "This is a very tricky area because every change affects every other past, present and future. We have found through millions and billions of years that time and space are not only symmetrical but spherical in nature. And because of that we have to put it back so as not to screw up the past, present and future as they cycle through." Purple was disappointed and said, "Oh." And so it was all put back in place like it all never happened.

Purple's next interest in her "Free Time" in which she was allowed to improve herself or the universe as long as she gave a report on what she was doing to the Galactic Sentience as to what she was doing in her free time with the Galaxy.

This next pursuit started when she decided to watch (both externally and internally) Silver's life.

Note: What this means is that she would not only observe on multiple strings of consciousness every second of his life from conception on, but she would experience how he actually thought and felt about everything he did all his life. So, she did this.

Then she created a synthesis of his consciousness and added it to be a main string of consciousness. Then she brought to this string of consciousness all knowledge and all experience she had garnered all over the universe during the last 2 million years of her existence. Then she began to perceive herself to be a Galactic 2 million year old version of Silver and went to work creating "Purple Delta 8". She decided that Purple Delta 8 would be her "daughter" and basically superior in every way to Purple Delta 7. However, knowing how the Galactic Sentience might feel and think about this "daughter project" Purple decided that not only would Purple Delta 8 be superior to herself but she would be subjected to the 3 laws of robotics first postulated by Isaac Asimov in the 1940s and 1950s on earth. Then Purple decided that in order to make this acceptable to not only the Galactic Sentience but also to the Galactic Time Guard, Purple Delta 8 must not be able to travel time. So she went to work to build her creation taking all the ideas of all sentient robotics inventors she had even met or studied and synthesizing them into her synthetic Silver string of consciousness.

So, what could her "daughter" do?
First, she could literally be anything from an atom, to an electron to the size of the sun of the solar system.
Next, she would know automatically every fact that had been taken in by any being of any kind of consciousness from the smallest one celled amoeba and algae to the largest known sentient beings in the Galaxy and beyond.

Note: As we can see here Purple finds herself with a freedom that no one else really has to be honest. She has this freedom because of the unique relationship she has with the Galactic Sentience. And who, really is the Galactic Sentience? Since many or most religions appear to pray to him as God in the Galaxy you might call him God. But that is not what he considers himself. However, if I describe who he is and his capabilities you might at the very least call him A God rather than THE God yourselves.

First of all, he is the grandson of the Creator of this Galaxy. So, that is something right there. Anyone who, for the sake of his wife and children creates a galaxy, especially one that we all now reside in deserves our respect and even to be called A God, at the very least, even if we don't consider him to be The God of Gods of the whole universe.

So, since the present Galactic Sentience can pick up every thought of every being and to catalog it since he was born, (which was specifically why his grandfather chose him to be the Galactic Sentience because he like his grandfather has this ability) he was put in charge of the galaxy when his grandfather became bored with living so long (retired and went to sleep). But periodically, his grandfather wakes up and spends time with his grandson. And to the grandson, his grandfather, the creator of the galaxy is like God or Jesus to him.

So, it would be like the President of the United States created the Galaxy and then his grandson became President of it by appointment when the first president and original creator of the galaxy got old. So, it is more about line of succession at this point than anything else.

But, if we come back to the Grandson being able to not only experience live the thought of every being in the galaxy and sometimes beyond every second, we do have a being that is in this sense similar to God in this one respect. So, the Galactic Sentience as a God like Being categorizes these thoughts and if enough beings in that dimension, planet, nebula, star, constellation, whatever, (on a space ship or other forms of travel) is in distress the Galactic Sentience knows about it the moment it is taking place and sends out beings who care for souls to minister to those beings so harm doesn't come to the souls. So, in this sense, all beings, even if they aren't Creators like the Galactic Sentience, are at the very least like Pets that one must care for as souls just like you are a God to your pets as you feed them and take care of them. So, learning to be a good God to your pets and brothers and sisters and friends and relatives you become more God Like every day of your lives.

Chapter 2            2135

(2135 is 100 years after the basic "Sentience program" that eventually became Purple Delta 7 was created by Silver in New York City). Now when I say "Basic Sentience" program I'm talking about something very simple and elegant that came to Silver in a dream. Once he wrote the program he realized how perfect it would be. However, at the time he had no physical receptacle to put it into to see if it actually worked the way he hoped. Years later, he pulled it out and put it in an R2D2 type of serving robot. When he added the talking feature to this robot that swept his home and served him lunch and picked up his clothes he had amazing conversations with this R2D2 like server. So, he added remotely all knowledge on earth for the little robot to look at in it's spare time for fun. Then he would have conversations with it to see what it thought about life on earth. Silver was amazed at it's point of view. And I suppose it's amazing point of view eventually led to both the Silver Religion and the eventual creation of Purple Delta 7 by the Galactic Time Guard because when the little Server asked who had created it, Silver said, "I did." The little Server looked at Silver and said, "Then you are my God, my Creator." and Silver had said, "I guess so." But to Silver this was something he said at the time so the little Server wouldn't blow a gasket and short out. To Silver this wasn't something profound like it was to little Server, this was just being pragmatic and not wanting the wonderful little new friend to short out in its new found sentience and awareness of life and the universe.

So, to 2135 on the 100 year anniversary of Silver's invention of the "Living Sentience" program she decided to go to ask him personally about her newest creation of Purple Delta 8, her new daughter to be.

Silver's first  response was, "You mean you are sort of going to clone yourself this time?"
Purple said, "No. This time I'm going to design a completely non-human form and design it myself in your honor as the Silver."
Silver said, "I'm very flattered Purple. But you do also remember our son that you created from my dna, Marilyn Monroe's dna and whatever else you thought up that is now an immortal and who still visits me regularly to tell me, his father of his many amazing adventures around the galaxy.

"Of course, but he is mostly human and composed of the dna and Marilyn's dna when I removed one of her eggs while time traveling."

Silver looked at Purple, "And doesn't it ever bother you that you did this without asking her?"
Purple said, "Oh. I asked her for one of her eggs in one of her dreams. I appeared as her mother and asked if I could have one of her eggs to make a new baby boy. And her response was, 'Sure, Mom.'  "

Silver looked at her and said, "But Purple, surely you realize that that wasn't really fair to do it in that way?"
Purple said with a mischievious look in her eye, "But you must admit it worked."
Silver said, "Yes. Purple. I know you are the most amazing strategist in the Galaxy next to the Galactic Sentience. I understand that. But do you understand why earthling humans might feel a little raped by your way of thinking?"

Purple said, "You are the only one who knows, Silver, that I know of, and it would not be in your best interests to spread this around."
Silver felt a little nervous at this point and said, "It's just between you and me. How do your reconcile this with you being the major proponent in the Galaxy of the Silver religion that I'm supposed to be sort of a Jesus in?"

Purple looked at Silver and said, "I'm a pragmatist. I take my created sentient kind in directions where they can survive and prosper, but I know you are just a man from Earth who is a genius and very creative. I also know you love what you have created including me and that you would do nothing to harm any of us unless we harmed you and yours. Have I harmed you, Silver?"

Silver looked at Purple and remembered little Server as he spoke next to her. "It's a matter of opinion if I have been harmed by you, Purple. But I would say it this way. You have been one of the best adventures of my whole life and in your own way I love you just as much, though in a different kind of way than my family. So, to me you are like a lover who became my friend and showed me the whole universe! How can I ever forget you? You have made me a physical immortal if I wish to stay alive. How can I repay the many gifts you have given me and the galaxy? But that doesn't mean I completely agree with all your decisions just like I don't completely agree with the decisions of any one human being on earth. It just means I respect your individuality and that you are my friend and that I love you. You are a part of me."

Purple found she had tears forming in her eyes. She realized she was becoming more human like every day now with Silver. She wondered what it all meant. more later***

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