Sunday, January 15, 2012

Adaptation to the End of Oil

Farming without Gasoline or Diesel "Farming without Gasoline or Diesel" also contains a word button called 5 Billion Less People on Earth? Both of these articles I wrote recently.

However, as I thought about the problem of oil ending within 10 to 25 years depending upon how fast the world uses up all oil, I realized that likely an entirely different outcome would result. For example, as people become better educated they either put off having children until they can better afford them, and then at most replace themselves (have only one or two at most), but many do not have children at all. So, as we move forward as a much more educated world (which will only increase because of the internet worldwide) people will make decisions to prevent unnecessary deaths from the conversion to no oil (at least those who are educated about this problem). So, I presently believe at this point that people will find a way worldwide to deal with there not being oil anymore in exactly the same way that people dealt with life before there was oil, Gasoline, Diesel, and plastics and all the other things. So, once there is NO MORE OIL anywhere at any price things will be different. But since that is not happening yet, we all still have time to plan for it so it doesn't completely destroy civilization on earth as oil ends or after it is gone forever.

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