Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Joe Rogan Questions Everything: TV Show on SYFY

This episode is called "psychic Spies"

One gentleman that was a remote viewer for the U.S. government said that his group of Remote Viewers found Osama Bin Laden where he was eventually found for real but they found him in 2007. However, the psychic said they didn't go get him because they wanted to continue the war. This is likely true because the mililtary industrial complex wanted to keep making money worldwide.

Project Stargate: remote viewing government project that uses parapsychology parameters to access parapsychological results using government employees to test their abiliites. This actually makes sense because most people who have this kind of gift wouldn't necessarily be aware of it.

For example, if I'm thinking about it I always know who is gifted if I'm in a room full of people. And sometimes they are aware of it and sometimes they are not. So, I'm not worried mostly about people who are gifted and don't know it unless they are going to have some kind of scary supernatural episode. I'm more concerned about people who don't have good motivations who  are gifted. Even though they cannot hurt me anymore they can mess up the lives of other people in the room.

Remote viewing can be independent of space and time. In other words it can occur that someone knows something before it happens. The Project STargate guy said he predicted a military event 50 hours before it happened.

This is what happens to me all the time. Except I'm not a remote viewer I'm a soul traveler which is a different method of doing the same thing.

One way to test your abilities with friends is for one friend to set up a target and have the other people like in this show visualize where the target is. Then draw things and write them down. Then go and find the object only one of you knows where it is.

For me, as a physical risk taker I knew I could trust my abilities in regard to what would injure or kill me and what wouldn't. Whereas other people I knew would walk out their front door and fall down their steps and break their arms or legs and I might jump from one roof to another or from a roof to the ground at age 10 and I knew I would be fine. However, one time I landed wrong when I jumped off my roof onto my front lawn at about age 10 and landed wrong  because I was careless and my right knee when into my chin and it closed my mouth and I bit my tongue and chipped a couple of teeth but that is the worst "jumping off of roofs accident I ever had. Other times we would jump two stories into a pile of sand and be okay too. So, doing extreme things is possible to not get hurt if you have intuitive abilities combined with excellent co-ordination and being big boned enough so most of your bones are too big to break sort of like a football player. Of course this also might be the dynamics of a long term stunt man too if you added pain killers and casts for broken bones. For me, the only bones I have ever been able to break have been my nose and my little toe. I'm half Scottish so I'm big boned even though I'm also 6 foot 5.

This has been an interesting show. Even though Joe Rogan is somewhat of a skeptic he also seemed to be open to new ideas as well. So, watching this program might be helpful or not to you depending upon who you are, what you think about all this and where you are going and where you have been everywhere in your life

There is also a lady on this program who is developing mind reading technology in northern California being interviewed. Very interesting.

She said that there would be no white lies anymore like people saying, "Oh. You look nice" when they don't mean it. Rogan said, "Yeah. I think we are moving towards a sort of hive mentality with all this."

If you can imagine a world with no secrets, that is what it would mean if everyone had this mind reading technology. What would be even worse would be if only governments had this technology where pictures in your mind, either real events or imagined events might cause you to go to jail even if you never did anything physically wrong. Doesn't sound like a world I would want to live in or have our children live it does it?

Each of us is creating the future for all of us now every day. We need to create a survivable future that we all just won't want to commit suicide starting when we are about 5. So, let's create a future we all can stand to live in.

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