Saturday, November 28, 2015

Daily chart: The Middle Eastern mesh | The Economist

I shared this article in the spring with readers here by quoting it. However, I think the absolute insanity of what is going on in the middle east in this chart is worth gazing at. I haven't seen a flow chart that better represents the craziness of what is happening there. If you don't just laugh or cry from looking at it then you likely have missed the point of how crazy this is for any proxy war situation. 

Also, you can run your cursor over the graph and it will isolate sides so you can make more sense out of it. However, I counted there are 12 sides within this graphic which is crazier still.

For example, the U.S. government supports 4 different sides of the conflicts.

Saudi Arabia supports 4 sides of the conflicts that also align with some of the sides the U.S. chooses and so on.

You will notice there is no government on the side of ISIS at all.

Iran joins the U.S. on two sides Kurdistan and the IRaq government.


Daily chart: The Middle Eastern mesh | The Economist
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