Thursday, November 26, 2015

ISIS and Russia are scaring the hell out of the world

What is Russia doing? I mean saving Assad so they can keep their port of Tartus is logical (according to Russian thinking). But, what else is going on here? Do you see how Russia politically manipulated their agressive move against Turkey and how they are manipulating it (trying to) also against the U.S. as well? So people not thinking clearly and concisely around the world might be taken in by this convoluted logic?

Remember, Putin is KGB trained where up becomes down and down becomes up. The CIA is good at this kind of thinking to "Where the ends  justify the means".  So, what is happening here?

What kind of Macho game is Putin playing where he uses ISIS as a pawn to his own ends? Where he says he is going to attack ISIS but instead attacks moderates trying to overthrow Assad who want democracy there and instead calls them terrorists and puts them in the same mold as ISIS which is inappropriate.

So, what is Russia really trying to do? They have scared Turkey. They have scared Poland. They are also scaring the world. But, what comes next? What game is Putin really playing here?

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