Saturday, November 28, 2015

World War III or just signs of overpopulation?

Some people say World War III has begun in the Middle East. However, if you look at this more closely it is likely overpopulation combined with a clash of civilizations. In other words Muslim extremists are angry at the success of Western Civilization. The Have nots attack the haves which is a classical response down through history.

Part of this response is caused by Television. People see other people have things that they don't have and then Muslim Mullahs emphasize what is wrong with Christian Secular civilization.

Many Christian Secularists likely also would agree with what is wrong with Western Civilization too. However, generally speaking Western Christian types don't start blowing up trains and planes with civilians on them to protest what is wrong with Western Civilization. In fact, you likely couldn't get all westerners even to agree with what is wrong with western Civilization since the alternative likely would be starvation at this point.

So, my premise is that mostly what the world is seeing through the Middle East has to do with overpopulation (which in this case means too many people in a given area for that area to support). In other words the water and land of a specific area cannot keep the people there alive without importing goods and services from elsewhere.

So, once again it is the have nots attacking the haves by killing civilians. What is the response of Western civilization to this? What should be the response?

How we answer this question likely will show us whether western civilization will continue or whether it will go bankrupt fighting terrorism and just fade away.

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