Saturday, November 28, 2015


The trick with love always is not killing yourself or others because of unrequited love.

Because we all see Disney stories depicted of people falling in love and being happy ever after.

But, in real life only 1/3 of people say they are happy in any given moment or year. So you have about almost a 70% chance of not being happy in love.

Also, the physically happiest time in everyone's life tends to be 33. For some reason at this age people are physically and mentally through experience the most together they will ever be: physically.

However, I can say I've been much happier since I have been 50 and compared to the angst of youth, being over 50 I find is better in most ways. I can't run up mountains as a mountain climber like I once did but I have peace of mind and am not constantly irritated from too much testosterone like I was in my teens and 20s.

But, even I with many girlfriends in my early 20s had trouble staying alive because of falling in love with a few of them when I felt I could not live without them. So, even I struggled with suicide from age 21 to 24 or 25.

But, eventually I outgrew this by realizing I could not do that to my parents (take my life) after all they had done to raise me. So, out of respect for their sacrifice and love I stayed alive. Then at age 26 my live in girlfriend got pregnant and I was a Dad supporting them both. I had no  time for suicidal selfish thoughts then. I did not matter because I had to be responsible and raise the next generation.

So, stay alive. You have a future! Many futures. Though one period of your life may be impossible it doesn't necessarily mean all your life will be hell.

I wasn't happy in my early 20s or early 40s. But, most of the rest of my life was relatively okay or really great!

So, remember this because if you snuff yourself out you don't know how many relatives and friends and lovers are going to snuff themselves out too because you are gone and they can't go on without you.

So, live on, for all your relatives and friends even if you cannot right now live on for yourself.

Love is an amazing thing. And the most amazing thing is you likely are going to fall in love again at one or more points in the future with someone else. There's always hope!

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