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Reprint of : Seeing the Future 4-30-09

While doing research on "Memories" so people could read it if they wish, I also found this piece I wrote on April 30th 2009. I thought it was pretty good and decided to reshare it with you today.


Thursday, April 30, 2009

Seeing the Future 4-30-09

I looked into the future today and saw it very clearly. I think it is because of the pandemic that appears to be starting out. I cannot say how far h1n1(swine flu) will go because it is up to people everywhere by all their actions to decide what happens there. The more responsible everyone is the less of a problem it will be. The real problem is people who have been exposed who are very ignorant of all this and their exposure. They are the real threat to the world now.

When I look into the future I don't see any big violent wars like World War I and II. However, in every other way from now to 2050 is very similar in some respects to 1909 to 1950 in that there are incredible changes in technology and many people are displaced and confused by all the very quick changes. Pandemics both medical and psychological will abound during this time because of how quick things will begin to change.

Just like the last 50 years people will not be able to legally make changes to world legal and ethical systems in time to stop many things they didn't want to happen, exponentially this will only get worse by a factor of more than 10 between now and 2050.

Around the year 2035 to 2037 some people will physically as well as psychologically so interface with computers and robotics that it will first become like a religion as it is now to some people and then physiologically some people will choose to move computer and robotic technology within their bodies more and more to the point where some humans are no longer even psychologically human in any way. Of course this will happen gradually as the world ecology degrades, especially as most fish die off in the oceans not grown in bulk by men and therefore protected by fish growing corporations.

As the oceans around the world become more acidic and begin to die like they are off of Louisiana and Oregon and off of parts of Australia now, first jellyfish will step in and by eating most or all of the young fingerlings of baby fish, doom all the larger predators like dolphins, sharks and killer whales to extinction. Next, the oceans will move into various forms of acidity that will create forms of life most people haven't seen or heard of yet. At the same time the acidity will kill most coral reefs and the fish that depend upon them for existence.

But the primary difference to the world during the next 40 or so years will be the exponential varieties of change. People will be forced to make presently unthinkable choices in order to stay alive through all this. There has never been a period quite like we are now entering in all of recorded history all the way back to about 5,000 to 10,000 BC.

The primary characteristic that will allow people to survive all this is extreme adaptability. The ability to start moving northward(or southward if in the southern hemisphere) as climates heat up too much around the equator. The ability to change careers, mates as they change or die, and to somehow still educate our children so they can survive too. Everything one learns should be written down for future generations because they might not have the perspectives that we have now. These perspectives might mean the difference between life and death to future generations.

I am interested in creating a better outcome than the one I presently see coming. Since I have been a precognitive psychic(seeing things before they happen)all my life I have learned a couple of things. First, if I see something I want to happen in the future then I have learned never to talk about it or it won't happen. Second, I have learned that if I don't like what I see coming, if I talk or write about it, it changes, often for the better for all or most people. I call this process of making a better future, "The Refinement of Time". In this way the future constantly gets better than it would have otherwise. In this way those of us who have this ability and use it for the betterment of mankind and life on earth help to refine time and therefore help to create a better future. It is my belief that I was given this ability to save lives, to prevent maiming and to help create a better future by defining problems, hopefully before they arrive. Whether you believe me or not is not relevant to whether this works or not. I have literally staked my life thousands of times on my abilities so I have no doubt about them if my feelings about a vision are strong enough in a certain kind of way. By God's Grace it is my hope we all have a better future.

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