Sunday, November 29, 2015

Practical Beliefs

We all need practical beliefs to survive our lives. Without beliefs that serve our survival we die or slowly die. This is true for all of us. So, testing our beliefs is important for our survival. Because adaptation is how humans have always survived.

Now, more than every things are changing so fast that if we are not adaptable enough both we and our children will not survive.

So, anything I believe I try to ask myself, "Does this belief make sense to me? Just because my parents believed this, does this also make sense to me?"

And if my answer is, "NO. Then I have to release that belief I was conditioned with."

Sometimes, in the 1960s we threw the Baby out with the bathwater and couldn't get the baby back. So, I understand this too.

But, that was a time of the extreme social revolution and the Viet Nam War so this was a very intense time for the whole world. But, somehow we all got through those times without nuking the whole world out of existence: Somehow!

So, survival is something we must consider in relation to our beliefs. Whether we live or die often comes from our beliefs. For example, if I believe when I stand at the edge of a cliff I can fly, can I really fly?

No. I can't without a parachute or paraglider. I might jump into the ocean off a cliff and survive and pretend to fly depending how high the cliff is, if there are no rocks or stones or too shallow a water or sharks there to eat whoever falls.

So, our beliefs often allow us to either live or die so practicality in what we believe either allows us to survive or kills us or drives us insane.

So, are your beliefs practical to you?

And if not, what will you do?

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