Monday, November 30, 2015

Drones and Cluster Bombs

I just had a realization about where things are headed which doesn't make me very happy.

Drones and Cluster bombs.

It is obvious to me because of how polarized and more polarized the world is getting that I can see the world is heading towards more and more polarization caused by social media around the world.

It is causing people ONLY to listen to their own point of view worldwide. So, other points of view are not listened to or heard at all more and more. This was not possible before the Internet and social media but it is now.

So, the likelihood of drones being combined with cluster bombs dropping at greater frequency around the world to literally kill and decimate 3rd world nations of their populations likely will become more and more "Normal". This in turn will make people in those nations upset in an extreme degree and more likely then to become the terrorists of the future. (Those that survive this onslaught of cluster bombs dropped by drones ongoing.)

This is something very obvious to me and likely we will see populations in various 3rd world nations decimated by drones strikes with Cluster bombs both during the drop but also afterwards for decades.

Can this be stopped?


Note: I just discovered that cluster bomblets are not just deployed through bombs but also through rockets on the battle field. So, this is a way to supplement cannon fire to cover an area with explosions during a battle. However, the difference is the number of unexploded bomblets left in most cases after a battle or deployment on soldiers or civilians like now in Syria. So, any bomblets that don't explode will be maiming and killing people from cluster rockets and bombs that fall to earth now when people touch them anytime during the next 100 years or more there. A cannon shell is much less likely not to explode on impact depending upon what is being shot out of artillery in the area.

However, World War I and II artillery shells that didn't explode and were duds are still being found that are still armed in places like England, France and Germany periodically even today all these years later.

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