Saturday, November 28, 2015

Whose Soldiers are killing ISIS now?

Iranian, Syrian and Hezbollah soldiers and in Iraq and Northern Syria, Iraqi Soldiers and Shiite Militias and Kurdish soldiers are the ones with their boots on the ground  and dying on the ground fighting ISIS Now. However, Iranians, Syrian soldiers and Hezbollah soldiers are also killing more moderate Sunni Muslims who want democracy in Syria that the U.S. and Europe support too. So, this is very problematic for the Western World.

However, maybe the good thing about all this is ISIS is being decimated little by little by the Syrian Army and the Iranian Army and by Hezbollah and also in Iraq and Northern Syria by Kurdish fighters, the Iraqi Army and Shiite Militias from near Baghdad. But, it might be important to note who is going to control Syria after all this is done?

Likely Assad and Iran.

But, who is ISIS going to take revenge on the most?

Likely Assad and Iran at this point.

However, in Kurdish areas more land likely will be controlled by the Kurds and in Iraq areas more land will be regained by Iraqi militias.

However, there likely will be a push back from Sunni Tribes after ISIS is defeated and driven out of Syria and Iraq. So, it is questionable whether Iraq or Syria will ever be completely whole like they were ever again.

Many people expect partitioned states to exist between Sunni lands, Shiite lands and Kurdish lands in the future. It is unknown as of yet exactly what that is going to look like.

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