Monday, August 28, 2017

1,000,000 years from now

Those of you who have eyes to see and ears to hear will understand the importance of this:

Arcane (1,000,000) years from now comes to earth (banished to earth by an enemy) in a time traveling battle between planets at that time. He is out of his normal time and space and on a planet he has never been on before. At that time all humans in human bodies are gone but some remain to guard the planet in what you might call "Angel Forms".

Out of desperation and because he is and evolved Priest Scientist and initiated and trained as both a priest and a scientist on his planet he finds Eridian (one of the leaders of the "Angels" guarding earth in Light bodies.

They have been waiting for Arcane as angels do not live in Time and Space as we know it. They know what has happened but in some ways also know what is to happen. He is taken within the Crystalline Sphere City that is beginning even now here on earth for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear that God has given the sight and the hearing to for God's own purposes.

I realized today that This Crystalline Sphere city exists on the east coast and becomes from now into existence for the purpose of continuing the human race here on earth. Over time those trained at these "Longevity Universities" beginning here but spreading all over the earth from here, will keep the planet, the trees, the oceans alive, keep the human race alive and functioning. This doesn't mean everyone attains this state as it is sort of like being a priest Scientist like Arcane himself was from his planet of New Deva.

It is a much higher level of consciousness than the average person on earth tends to reach. However, it is true that all mankind might aspire to this almost "Immortal" state of enlightenment on all levels regarding insight, intuitive development, scientific development, spiritual development.

This state does not keep out any religion or philosophy as long as that philosophy understands keeping earth and the human race alive is important and that keeping all the trees, the oceans, the animals and birds of life is important and worth the work of the whole human race to sustain all aspects of our ecosystem for millions of years if possible.

When I say that there are no living human bodies alive on earth at that time it just means they left because of an interplanetary war in which Earth is a Demilitarized zone where no evolved technological species are allowed to be at that time. However, at some point humans return to Earth after the war is over.

So, even when earth is a demilitarized zone there is no war here, it is a peaceful place where only the animals and trees and seas and whales and dolphins and sea creatures live at that time.

But, this weekend I realized that I am where Arcane comes to earth and I have realized that this is where the Crystalline City is beginning even now.

By God's Grace

And somehow this consciousness at a seminar and eventually university level will teach enough of mankind how to function all the time around angels and archangels to maintain the earth for literally millions of years. And these types of "Longevity Universities" will find ways to maintain not only the lengths of human lives to 5000 to 10,000 years but also ways to maintain the ecosystem of earth through whatever comes.

Some changes are just changes in how humans perceive reality so they can live longer to keep earth alive. Some changes are dietary and some changes are ways to modify the ecosystem so weather and cycles don't destroy life on earth completely during the next 500 to 1000 years and beyond.

Scientifically and spiritually it is possible to save earth from mankind and it's overpopulation. And so that will be done sooner or later.

However, looking at the world right now Weather events like Harvey worldwide likely will destroy the lives of thousands to millions or more before enough people wake up and move in this new direction with enough force to save earth and mankind.

By God's Grace

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