Monday, August 28, 2017

If you can afford it and see something like this coming toward your neck of the woods worldwide:

It might be time to put yourself and your family on a plane to somewhere else entirely away from these kinds of messes that will only get progressively worse over the next 300 years at least.

(NO matter what people do it is going to get worse for the next 300 years ' even if there were no human beings on earth at all at this point').

So, getting out of the way of disasters and having the finances to do this will be a mark in the future of who lives and who dies all over the world.

If you were trapped in Houston it might be the best or last experience of your life. It might be the best experience of your life in that IF you survive this you will know better what to do next time to avoid going through something like this.

If you didn't survive this then "God Bless You!"

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