Thursday, August 24, 2017

Interestingly enough, Healing appears to be directly related to "NOT HATING"

IT also is related to a sense of well being, self acceptance, and forgiving yourself and all others. (However, you have to stop doing whatever you want to forgive yourself for and you can't allow other people to harm you either for this to work.

So then, healing is taking responsibility for where you live, who you associate with, Who you work with and where you live on earth more than anything else, except what you eat.

Understanding all this, one can hasten longevity and potentially living past 100 or further (if they want to).

But, it is also based upon making good choices in your life so you can eventually live (sooner rather than later) a really amazing life.

By God's Grace

NOTE: However, balance I have noticed is really important in all this too. In other words a healthy balance is what we all strive for in everything we think, say and do.

The Ancient Greeks put it this way: Moderation in all things

because extremes also tend to cause problems I have noticed. My father tended to go to extremes and I'm a little like this myself so I understand this after experiencing stuff like this for 70 years come next Spring.

However, breakthroughs for mankind often come from useful extremes. For example, without people like jack LaLane talking on TV about exercising and jogging in the 1950s we might not be half as healthy as we are presently as a nation.

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