Friday, March 16, 2018

what can you do if you are really angry with Putin Attacking the U.S. and Europe like he has?

You can go buy a hybrid or a Tesla. In other words any hybrid or all electric car. Nothing is going to hurt Putin more than you doing this and when you do this you reduce the price of Gas and Diesel for everyone on earth.

Another thing you can do if there is enough sun where you live is to put solar cells on your home and then charge your hybrid or all electric for free with your solar power and batteries in your home.

Buying a Hybrid or all electric vehicle is a declaration of war on Putin by lowering the price of Gasoline and diesel worldwide for everyone else on earth.

So, your personal declaration of war on Putin can be buying a hybrid or an all Electric Vehicle.


Because Oil the the 1 big export from Russia worldwide and without higher oil prices than they are now Russia doesn't do very well. When Saudi Arabia reduced the cost of oil in the late 1980s it was a major factor in the collapse of the Soviet Union. Because it caused The Soviet Union to go bankrupt and collapse. This is one reason that Putin sides with Iran and Syria against all Sunni nations.

Also, the people being killed in Syria by Russia and Assad are mostly Sunnis too.

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