Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Of Europeans betting how many lies Trump would tell last night?

Yes. This is true. One of the major betting institutions was taking odds on how many traceable lies Trump would tell by fact checking them. this is a real thing. How sad for the U.S.

Last night was maybe one of the most surrealistic nights with Trump in my lifetime (which is actually saying a lot). As of yet maybe he isn't as bad as Hitler yet (he only kills middle eastern and Central American kids mostly (maybe sort of like Assad? in this?).

So, how are we to re-open government so this shutdown doesn't bring on the next recession which is due either 2019 or 2020?

Trump is being a big baby and holding the nation hostage to his baby whims. But, how actually do we re-open government when Democrats need to give Trump nothing so as not to encourage his baby ways any further. This is bad enough. We don't want to encourage him to ACTUALLY be a Hitler here in the U.S. for real by not stopping this behavior now. IF a baby tells you he is going to jump out of a window if you don't give him cake. What do you do? You lock the window and put away the cake out of the baby's reach (no matter what the baby does).

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