Thursday, January 10, 2019

One wonders when the first Naval Accident? will occur between U.S. and China

China is playing chicken with the U.S. who is also playing chicken with the China. As this ongoing game goes on one wonders when there will be an accident or even whether either nation would report such an accident because of worldwide consequences.

I remember talking to a naval pilot who spoke of how during the Cold War (1950s until around 1990) that Russian Trawlers were often destroyed by U.S. pilots who flew over them breaking the sound barrier. This would definitely break all the windows on board the Russian Trawlers and blow out the ear drums of all on board and sometimes explode the boilers on Trawlers which could kill everyone on board and sink their ships too. But, the general public was never told about this sort of thing, usually.

At the time this was thought to be how things should be handled to prevent them spying on U.S. forces around the world.

I sometimes wonder just how bad things are between the U.S. and China now and whether things are as crazy as the stories I mention above regarding China and Russia still today?

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