Saturday, January 12, 2019

Similar drones in the movie Oblivion (2013) likely we will have within 50 years time

 that can fly automatically with artificial intelligence worldwide. The dangers inherent in this level of technology compares to the problems of the drones in the movie:

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The problems of artificial intelligence drones whether they be land based or air based or sea based is: "Who is giving them instructions?" and are the sane or are they anti-social?

Often people who are logical and rational like programmers sometimes are also anti-social in their tendencies like hackers. Most people who survive to 30 or more have dealt with their issues or they just aren't around anymore. But, younger hacker types who might be writing the code for artificial intelligence drones (air, land, sea, or space) might be dealing with teenage or young adult traumas of various kinds. And so this is the danger of artificial intelligence programmed by angst ridden young people who haven't dealt with their issues in regard to their humanity yet.

Also, lets' imagine an artificial intelligence device gets struck by lightning and it's programming is harmed in some way and it reboots wrong. What happens then? it's true that most lightning strikes might just fry the whole cpu of the device and it would crash. But, what if it rebooted and still worked without any constraints?

If you have read about the crazy things that have happened with people and their Teslas already like the guy cut in half while watching harry potter on his screen instead of driving in Florida while his Automatic pilot mistook a Semi truck trailer turning in front of him as a road sign as the car drove under it at around 60 to 70 miles per hour and various other crazy things we have seen already from artificial intelligence devices. Expect to see many more crazy things on air, land and sea like this over the next few hundred years as we work out all the bugs from artificial intelligence vehicles on air, land and sea and space.

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