Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Some Beaches washed completely away for winter here in Northern California

Where I live in northern California coast by now often 5 feet to 10 feet deep of sand has washed away from the shores caused by winter storms hitting the California coast since beginning of December 2018, leaving only big rocks 20 feet long or bigger or little rocks (under 1 foot diameter in size) left now. The winter storms have as usual swept the 5 to 10 feet deep of sand completely away. I was down at a beach I used to walk at night with my son and my dogs about 5 years ago now and there not only wasn't any beach, the water came over the whole area where the beach usually is. It is also likely High Tide (which tends to be really high in the winter too). So, I had a feeling of being lost a little at this point because all our dogs are dead now and my son and wife and child are living in Portland far away from me. Christmas was nice with all our kids (biological and adopted and any children they have now were here for about 10 days during Christmas. But now, everyone has been gone except my wife and I for a couple of weeks now since a few days after Christmas. When you have 10 people in the house for 10 days and then you go back down to 2 it is a bit much to get used to I find. However, within a week I'm going to start skiing again with friends in Mt. Shasta because this is a good snow year so far as long as the rains don't go to high from the Pineapple Express storms from the Hawaii area. Storms from the north bring snow but storms from the tropics mostly bring rain. So, it's "Pray for continued snow" that isn't being melted by tropical rain in the mountains this year. You know, Global Warming and all that!

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