Saturday, January 12, 2019

The paradox of life everywhere

So, as an intuitive you never know what is going to happen next. But  we survived all these things that I knew were coming.

I wrote this above line recently and found it paradoxical. But then, life is paradoxical. Being an intuitive is paradoxical and being a human being is very very paradoxical. I find that if you can embrace the paradox of life you can be happy and peaceful most of the time.

It seems most people fight the paradoxes of life and this does them in. I find if you accept the paradoxes then you can have peace and you can have happiness in your lives. Otherwise, you won't.

Adepts like Buddhists and Christians and others would meditate in their caves and have peace while millions were being killed or tortured in wars. Is this a good thing?

It's good in at least some people survive the insanity of human history while others died horribly.

You have to know when to retreat or you are dead. Otherwise you are just cannon fodder in life.

Searching for opportunities to do good is what life is all about really.

There are no problems only opportunities....

The people who get rich and succeed all think this way.

Often the others are soon crazy or dead and gone.

This likely is: "Natural Selection" and always has been.

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