Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Vision quest: Starving yourself from food and water for 4 days while praying

It makes you wonder how this 10,000 to 30,000 year tradition of native people's of North, South and Central America actually started?

I guess I can imagine some men or women or both on a hunt somewhere and they run out of food and there is no water there too and they notice as the pray that dreams and reality intertwine in ways that give amazing guidance?

This is kind of how I imagine this tradition beginning. For example, even Jesus and Buddha also fasted on only water for 40 days or longer. I also have a friend who about once a year did this and he is still alive in his mid 70s. and he did a 40 day fast as recently as the last year or two.

So, obviously some people are more psychologically and physically suited to doing something like this than others.

Would I recommend it?

It completely depends upon the person.

I'm not sure how useful something like this would be unless you are comfortable in the wilderness away from people (which is likely the best place to do something like this completely away from civilization and all electronic devices of any kind (including a cell phone). In other words you don't want to receive a call from your mother at 1 am hysterical because you aren't eating food or drinking water for example.

So, if you take a cell phone turn it off unless you are dying. And by the way you are in such a different state of consciousness you really really don't want to be talking to any other human being until you start drinking water and eating food again.

However, this for me was one of the single most profound experiences I ever have had during my life.


Because when I learned that I could survive not eating food or drinking ANY water for 96 hours how I viewed what a human being was here on earth or on any other planet drastically changed.

I stopped being afraid of starving or not having water realizing all this and much more.

So, what did this bring me?

An incredible sense of calm of not worrying about food and water so much ever. When you know you are going to be okay for 4 days whether you have anything to eat or drink or not you are going to feel much calmer about everything in your life. Fear tends to go away a lot then about anything in your life.

By God's Grace

Note: Also, if you are doing this right you are just so remote in the wilderness there likely is no cell phone service or even texting where you are. So, likely you wouldn't be able to receive calls or texts anyway. And also, most people do this in the late spring or Summer or early fall so they won't freeze to death wherever they are. Because you need to stay warm enough to survive this without getting sick and dying from exposure too.

I took only warm clothes a sleeping bag, and a ground cloth but no food or water and a Native American Prayer rattle and that's about it. During the vision quest a mated pair of Bald Eagles flew overhead and a wood duck and her babies swam down the Trinity River in the morning and up at dusk to hide her babies in the reeds up stream every day. I liked to "eat and drink" the sunlight reflecting on the river during the day. If you ever do this next to a river you will know what I mean. It just means you are in a non-ordinary reality from not eating anything or drinking anything for 4 days or 96 hours.

To show you how different an experience this is I was upset with hornets trying to fly up my nose for a day or two. Finally, I telepathed with them that they could clean my nostrils from dust and stuff but if they stung me I was going to kill them. So, the two hornets cleaned both my nostrils and were happy and left me alone after that.

Now, just understand if I wasn't in an entirely different state of consciousness from fasting without food or water this would never have happened. So, the clarity of your communication with all living things on a telepathic level increases up to 100 fold during this time if you are brave enough to cope with it.

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