Tuesday, January 8, 2019

I think if Trump declares a National Emergency he will be impeached

I think Trump's case for a wall is just so very weak and the fact that he jeapordized the lives of so many government employees (said to be 800,000 to 1,000,000) that people likely (even Republicans) will be glad to impeach him just to get someone more sensible in as president. By the way we actually are talking about 2 million to 3 million in actuality when we talk about spouses and children of the government workers.

A Wall?

The Great Trump wall is sort of like the great wall that China built in the year 375 AD. that is almost 2000 years ago that they did that to keep out the barbarians!

This is 2019 and most people who aren't supposed to be here get here (to the U.S) on jets now through airports. They don't even bother to climb a wall, (or dig under it) they just get here on a jet with papers that get them on the plane by bribing whoever it is in that country that they need to to get here. Or they take a boat, or a submarine or they swim the ocean or they fly under the radar in a small plane. People are ingenious not stupid. A wall isn't going to stop 90% to 99% of the people that want to get here bad enough. A Wall is RIDICULOUS!

So, what's with the wall?

It's sort of like raising your hand as an artificial barrier when you don't want someone to pass. That only works if that person is listening to what you say or wants to do what you want them to.

It's sort of like Castles which became obsolete when Cannons were invented. By the way Knights in armor became obsolete when cannons and bullets were invented too!

when were cannons invented?: early 13th century which means the early 1200s.
13th Century
Early Medieval Cannon. It is thought that gunpowder was invented in China and found its way to Europe in the 13th Century. In the mid to late 13th Century gunpowder began to be used in cannons and handguns, and by the mid 14th Century they were in common use.

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